Western Flower thrips – Black thrips management in chilly.

western flower thrips – Black thrips in chillyflower
western flower thrips- Black thrips hiding beside the flowers

These are tiny brown colored thrips and yellowish at the end , mainly located in the flowers.

The western flower thrips develop in four stages i.e Egg , larvae , pupa & Adult insect.

eggs are laid in leaves , flower petals and soft upper part of the stalks.

Thrips lif cycle

pupa and propupa of these thrips are present in the soil, that is why the management of this is becoming difficult .


As we know these thrips are rapidly growing and propelling fastly so we suggest you to take sprays of both systemic and contact insectides.

And these thrips hide behide the leave and beneth the steps , thats why we say to drench the pesticides like Dimethoate or Ethion in the roots.

sprays like the combination of Imidacloprid and Fipronil work better and all climatic conditions.

if we spray BIo r 303 or bio 303 of Damman , makes a good controlon these thrips .

To have a control on its pupa and its flies , drenching with Willoprid @ 100gm per acre combinated with CLoropyriphos 50ec

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