Weeds are the undesirable plants that can be seen in the crop fileld which interfear with the crop growth and decreases yield by 30 %.

In cotton we can observe both Narrow and Broad leaved weeds.
1.Narrow leaved weeds – Cyanadon dactylon, Cyperous rotundus,

2.Broad leaved weeds – Acalypha indica, Achiranthus aspera, Tridax procumbense, Phyllanthus niruri

Cultural method
Hand Weeding

First hand weeding should be done 18 to 20 days after sowing
Second hand weeding and hoeing should be done 45 days after sowing which keeps the crops free from weeds up to 60 days.

Chemical method
Use of herbicides will protect the crops from weeds. In cotton many herbicides can be used to control these weeds
Pendimethalin should be used at 3.3l/ha 3 days after sowing by using a hand operated sprayer fitted with a fan type nozzle. This will protect the crop from weeds for 40 days.

Will super can also be used to control weeds and applied 15-20 days after sowing to control both broad and narrow leaved weeds.

Targa super is used at 300-400 ml/lit .
Hit weed can be used at 250-300ml mixed with 250 lit of water.

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