VNR Manas Bitter Gourd F1 Hybrid Seeds 50 gms


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First Harvest: 42-45 Days.

Fruit: Dark Green.

Length: 8-10 Cm.

Width: 4-4.5 Cm.

Fruit Weight: 40-60 Gm.

Early Hybrid With High Fruit Bearing.

Uniform Fruit Size Through Successive Picking.

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Manas Bittergourd VNR – Experience Early Harvests and High Fruit Bearing!


Step into a world of gardening excellence with Manas Bittergourd VNR, an early hybrid variety designed for optimal yields and a delightful growing experience. Here’s why Manas stands out:

🌱 Swift Harvests:

  • Enjoy the satisfaction of your first harvest in just 42-45 days from planting. Manas Bittergourd VNR is all about quick results, allowing you to relish your homegrown produce sooner.

🍃 Distinguished Dark Green Hue:

  • Immerse your garden in the rich, dark green color of Manas Bittergourd VNR. Each fruit is a visual masterpiece that adds an appealing aesthetic to your garden landscape.

📏 Perfect Dimensions:

  • Delight in the well-proportioned size of each fruit. With a length of 8-10 cm and a width of 4-4.5 cm, Manas Bittergourd VNR ensures a consistent and visually pleasing harvest.

🌾 Optimal Fruit Weight:

  • Experience the perfect balance of size and manageability. Each fruit weighs between 40-60 grams, making it easy to handle while providing you with substantial yields.

🚀 Early Hybrid Magic:

  • Manas Bittergourd VNR is not just early; it’s a hybrid designed for accelerated growth. Enjoy the benefits of an early hybrid that promises a garden full of potential.

🍈 High Fruit Bearing Potential:

  • Unlock the true potential of your garden with the high fruit-bearing capacity of Manas. Your gardening efforts are rewarded with a bountiful harvest, ensuring your garden is always thriving.

🔄 Uniform Fruit Size Across Pickings:

  • Enjoy a garden that maintains its visual appeal with each picking. Manas Bittergourd VNR ensures uniform fruit size through successive pickings, providing you with consistent quality.

🌱 Cultivate with Confidence:

  • Experience the joy of gardening without the guesswork. Manas Bittergourd VNR seeds offer a reliable and rewarding cultivation experience, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and seasoned gardeners.

🌟 Transform Your Garden Today:

  • Elevate your gardening journey with Manas Bittergourd VNR. Order your seeds now and witness the magic of early harvests and a garden full of vibrant green delights.

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Dimensions 15 × 10 × 7 cm

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    VNR Manas Bitter Gourd F1 Hybrid Seeds 50 gms

    Availability: In stock