Upl – Apache Insecticide fipronil 15% + flonicamid 15% wdg – 160gm


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Apache is a systemic  insecticide used to control Hemipteran sucking pests like  and Lepidopteran borers mostly in Rice crop

Target pests : Thrips, Mites, Weevils, Crickets, Beetles, Ants, borers, aphids etc.

Mode of action

It acts on the insect nervous system and insect chordontal orgals which affects the different sensational activities of insects.


“All the results and informations are provided based on trails and books”

It is a combination of Fipronil 15% and Flonicamid 15% wdg

Brand – UPL

It is available in the powder form

Dimensions 10 × 5 × 10 cm


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