Tur Rajeshwari 210 KGs


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krishidhan seeds tur

Tur Rajeshwari 210 , Redgram

.It is one of the disease resistant variety.

Its duration is Med 165-175 days

Height is about 225-250 cm

We can find 4-5 seeds per pod

Weight of seeds will be 10.5-11.5g/ 100 seed mass.

Seeds are red and bold.

It can tolerate wilt and sterility mosaic disease.

Good quality dal can be obtained which is having good cooking qualities.

Yeild that can be obtained is 22-25 qtls/ha.


“All the results and informations are provided based on trails and books”


Brand – Krishidhan seeds.

Red gram seeds/Tur 



Dimensions 100 × 70 × 100 cm


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