Ridomil gold


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quanitity – 250gm


Ridomil is highly effective systemic and contact fungicides.

·         Disease Spectrum: Ridomil is a broad spectrum activity against diseases like Early    Blight, Late Blight, Tikka, Downy Mildew, Brown and black rust, Blast, etc.

·         Crop Spectrum: Paddy, Wheat, Vegetables (Chilly, Tomato, Potato etc) Horticultural    crops (Grapes, Apple), Plantations (Tea, Coffee etc).

·         Being systemic and contact fungicide it provides double protection (Inside Metalaxyl & Outside Mancozeb).

·         It remains effective for longer time and prevents & Cures the diseases effectively. Reduces the number of spray.

·         Metalaxyl is rapidly absorbed (30 min) and therefore not washed away by rains.

·         It effectively controls phytopthora rot.

·         Increase in the yield due to effective control of Late blight, phytopthora etc. Plants meet across the rows (Favourable conditions for late blight incidence).

Method of Application:
Dosage: 1.5 to 2 kg per ha (500 gm/200 litre of Water).

·         First Spray : Plants meet across the rows (Favourable conditions for late blight incidence).

·         Second Spray : 10 to 14 days after first spray.

·         Third Spray : 10 to 14 days after second spray.

·         Prevention/Cure of the disease.

·         Savings in the number of sprays, labou




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