Damman okeoo 10 – Daman okeoo 10 – lignins-90 %-fruit expansion .


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Okeoo 10 is a unique bio product from damman , indo china agro products , which plays a vital role in plans flowering.

Helps  plant to give more flowers, and reduces flower drop.

Helps in fruit setting.

Dose- 10gm/acr

use in all horticulture Plants


Okeoo-10 is a organic salt rich of lignin which help in fruit expansion , strong fruit setting and correction of deformed fruits.
Okeoo-10 is useful for fruit or vegetable crops where shape or size is iportant.

Target crops :Fruits – Water melon, lechees, Banana , Grapes , etc.
vegetables – Tomato , Cucumber , Beans , Brinjal etc.

DISCLAIMER: The purchace decision and use of this product for any purpose by the buyer is soleley his / her disfcreation & company is not responsible for any dameges whatsover. Company offers no warranty or liability for this product and no legal action can be instigated against the company.

Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm




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