BASF Librel® Zn Zinc chelated


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Liberal chelates give best results when crops have adequate supplies of water and major nutrients and are not under stress for any other reason. Conditions which are resonable for one particular deficiencies of other micronutrient. Always ensure that deciencies of other micronutrient. Always ensure that deficiencies are confirmed before treatment is carried out. Never exceed the recommended application rate.

It is highly soluble chelated form of zinc which is an essential element for plant growth.

Because of its better solubility there will be no loss of micronutrients in the soil.

It can be used from seedlings to the mid season application which can be done through irrigation or foliar sprays.

Spraying should be carried out on a calm day but not during strong sunshine or high temperatures. The best time is late afternoonor evening.

“All the results and informations are provided based on trails and books”



Compatibility : Compatible with many crop protection chemicals.

Pack size: 500 gms




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