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Areva (Thiamethoxam 25% Wg) is a granular soluble insecticide of Neonicotinoid group. It gives protection against insects for a longer period in comparison to other insecticides. Areva is safe to the environment in comparison to other insecticides because of its lesser dose per acre.


  • Areva is highly effective at low use rates against a broad spectrum of sucking, soil and leaf dwelling pests.
  • Areva is highly systemic and thus well suited for application as a foliar spray, drench or drip irrigation.
  • Areva has rapid uptake and fasts acting, regardless of dry and wet conditions, which contributes to its favourable safety and environmental profile.


“All the results and informations are provided based on trails and books”

It is composed of Thiomethoxam 25% WG

It is used in Rice, Cotton, Mango, Mustard etc to control whiteflies, jassids, thrips and aphids etc.

Dosage : 40-80g/acre.

Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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