Akre Multi C – Plant growth promoter

Akre Multi C is a Proprietary Crop Foliage and Fruiting Growth Elicitor

It is a patented Multi Carbon Nutrition with a unique combination of ingredients that have been proven to enhance crop yields and reduce crop stresses.

Uses of Multi C

It improves the yield by enhancing the carbon assimilation in crops

Increases crop growth, flowering and fruit set

It improves the quality of fruits

It protects against biotic and abiotic stress

Dosage and Time of Application

1ml per litre of water (200 ml/acre) and can be sprayed on one acre crop and normally 2 sprays are recommended.

1st spray is done at Pre-flowering stage (200 ml Multi C with 200 litre of water)

2nd spray is done at Post flowering/maturity stage


“All the results and informations are provided based on trails and books”


Brand : Fertis

It is available in the liquid form



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