Acrobat® Dimethomorph 50% WP


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  • Acrobat is a systemic fungicide that protects plants from fungi in the water mould family, such as Late blight and Downy mildew.



  • Acrobat moves up the treated plant stem and into growing leaves. It also has anti-sporulant activity, which helps to prevent the spread of blight between plants.
  • Acrobat can control the late blight disease in potato, tomato crops very effectively.
  • Acrobat has Translaminar Action – Good uptake into sprayed leaves.
  • Acrobat offers a unique and novel mode of action with no cross-resistance to Phenylamide or strobilurine.

“All the results and informations are provided based on trails and books”

-Systemic fungicide controls Downey mildew of grapes and Late blight of Potato

Dose per Acre : 400 gms

Pack size: 100 gms, 200gms , 500gm and 1 Kg


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