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    Planofix Alpha Growth Promoter is an aqueous solution containing 4.5% (w/w) of Alpha napthyl acetic acid active ingredient. It is a plant growth regulator used for the purpose of inducing flowering, preventing shedding of flower buds and unripe fruits. It helps in enlarging fruit size, increasing and improving the quality and yield of fruits.

    Mode of Action :

    Planofix alpha growth promoter when sprayed on plants prevents the formation of abscission layer by suppressing ethylene gas produced and hence thereby prevents the shedding of flowers, buds and fruits.

    Advantages :

    • Prevents natural shedding of squares, bolls in cotton, flowers in vegetables, chillies, and fruits like mango
    • Reduces pre-harvest berry drop in grapes
    • Increases fruit size in pineapple and grapes


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