pest and disease management in cotton crop.


  • Medium to heavy black cotto soils under rain fed situation and fertile red soils under irrigated or ID conditions are suitable for cotton cultivation.
  • Light chalka sandy adnred soils withg no irrigation and ill drained soils are nit suitable for cotton cultivation
  • Opotimum time for sowing 2ND fortnight of june july 30
  • As precautionary measure for pink bollworm management staggered sowing of cotton  should be avoided
  • Sowing shoul be done under optimuim soil moisture condition (75mm rainfall in 7-10days  interval)
  • Green manuring (sunhemp) or incorporation of 4-5ft FYM?acre duringlast ploughing
  • Planting of non BT cotton under refugee crop as IRM strategy.
  • Intercropping cotton with green or black gram / soyabean /clusterbean/foxtail millet / cow pea in 1:2 or 1:3 along with redgram in 4:1 /6:1/8:1 . sowing of 2 to 4 rows of fodder jowar / maize as border crop
  • Soil test base fertilizer application should be done.( RDF: /100-125KG UREA 150190KG SSP +40 50KG MOP/ACRE). Entire SSP hould be applied as basal N&K in 3 4 splits from 20DAS depending on soil moisture.
  • Pre emeregence application of pendimethaline @1.3L/ACRE within the 23-36hours of sowing . for control of grassy weeds ,application of quizalofop ethyl @ 400ml/acre and for the control of broad leaf weeds @250ml of pthyrobac sodium (2 to 4 leaf stage)

pest and disease management :


  1. Grow sucking pest tolerant / resistant varities/hybrids.
  2. Seed treatment with imidaclopride 70ws 5.0g/kg or thiemethaxom 70ws 4.0g/kg or imidacloprid 48 FS@ 9.0ml/kg or carbosulfan 25DS @ 40.0g/kg of seed , gives early protection against sucking pests.
  3. Growing intercrops  like mungbean or uradbean or soyabean or clusterbean  in 1;2or 1;3 ratio.
  4. Growing cowpea as bund crop Is advantageous to encourage predacious insects lik coccinellids , syrphids and chrysophids.
  5. Maize or sorghum or pearl millet grown as barrier crops in theborder prevents spread from neighbouring fields.
  6. Setting up yellow sticky traps @10 per acre for moniterining whitefly incidence .
  7. Foliar application of neem oil 3000ppm @3ml/lt or 5% NSKE.
  8. Need based appolicatioin of insecticide.

Leaf hoppers /aphids/thripsd

  • monocrotophos36sl @1.6 ml /lt or
  • Acephate 75sp @ 1.5gm/l or
  • Imidacloprid 17.8sl @ 0.4ml/l
  • Thiamethaxom 25wg @0.2g /l Fipronil 5 sc @ 2.0ml

white fly:

  • diafenthiuron 50wp @ 1.25g/l
  • Flonicamid 50wg @ 0.3g/l
  • Profenophos 50ec @ 2.0ml/l
  • Acetamaprid 20 sp @ 0.2g/l

Red mite:

  • wettable sulphur 80wp @3g/l
  •    Dicofol 18.5sc @ 5.0ml/lt
  •    Fenpyroxymite  @ 2.0ml/l
  •     Fenazaquin @ 1.5ml/l

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