Onion farming and its management.


onion can be grown in wide range of soil like Red loam to black soils with good drainage facilities is highly suited for onion cultivation. It performs well at a soil pH range of 6-7 and a mild season without extremes of heat and cold.

Season or time for sowing
onion can be grow all the year, kharif , late kharif & rabi according to the varities .

onion seed rate:-
2.5 – 3kg/acre

seeds sowing or nursery rising of onion

onions are sown and rised in the bed , according to their comfort. The most prefferd way is nursey rising or bed rising of onion seeds.

Sowing or uniform sprikle on onion seeds
onion seeds are mixed with sand or fertiliser like Dap or ssp and sprinkeled with the onion seeds sprinkler i the lesser wind conditions so the the seeds , dont go with the wind. in this method seeds are not rised uniorm and may cause the higher amount of seeds damege.

Nursery rising
seeds are sown on the rised beds prepared. beds should be covered from the above so that the rain and wind should not harm the saplings. the seedlings will be ready for transplanting in 45-50 days after sowing.

take the saplings from nursery bed and transplant the ready onion saplings in the plot.

Feild preparation

plow the land to get the fien tilth and give good FYM 8-10tonnes/acre.
make good spacings between the rows to have good yeild.

spray the pre emergent herbicide like pendimathaline to avod the weed growth.

weed management in onion:-
hand weeding.

post emergent
Oxyfluorfen and bromoxynil can only be used on young onions
Oxyfluorfen is complimentary to bromoxynil in onion; together they control a wider spectrum of weeds than either do alone. They are usually used in sequence about 1 week apart depending on the crop growth rate and weeds present, and the order in which they are applied may vary according to experience. They can also be tank-mixed, or the sequence strategy can be combined with the tank mix method. If tank mixing these two chemicals, use a sufficient spray volume per acre and closely follow the label to avoid crop injury. Oxyfluorfen is commonly used when the crop has 1.5 fully developed true leaves, followed by an application of both oxyfluorfen and bromoxynil at the 2- and 3-leaf stages.

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