MANGO MEALY BUG : Drosicha mangiferae

It is one of the major pests of mango whose damage is to the higher extent.

Both nymphs and the adults climb up the tree, they make groups and suck the juice from young shoots , fruits and flower stalks.

They mainy infect the leaves and flowers.The affected parts dry up and yield reduces gradually


Remove the unwanted weeds and grasses by phoughing during June-July

Spray Dimethoate 30EC

Spray Monocrotophos 36SL @ 2.5-3 lits

MANGO HOPPER : Amritodes atkinsoni

It is one of the major pests of mango whose damage is to the higher extent.


Both nymphs and adults sucks the sap from the flower which leads to shedding of flower buds, wilting (drying) of shoots and leaves.

We can notice stickyness in flower stalks and leaves of infested trees due to the secretion of honey dew by hoppers which results in the growth of sooty mould ( black powder like structure) on different p arts of the plant.

The hopper takes shelter in cracks of the bark during non flowering stage.

Mango hopper can be controlled mainly by using insecticides like

Dimethoate 30EC

Buprofezin 25SC @ 1-2ml/lit

FRUIT FLY : Bactrocera dorsalis

Fruit flies damage mangoes by laying their eggs in the fruits, just under the skin. After egg laying, the larva feeds on the flesh of the fruit.
The maggots (one of the stage of pest) destroy and convert the pulp into discoloured soft mass which gives bad smell and is unfit for human consumption.

We can observe fruit drop and liquid oozes out from the fruit upon pressing.
There will be severe yield loss due to infestation


  1. Male annihilation technique: Set up fly trap using methyl eugenol.
    For that we have to take methyl eugenol 1ml/L of water+ 1ml of malathion solution and we have to take 10ml of this mixture per trap and keep them at 25 different places in one ha between 6 and 8 am. Later we have to collect and destroy the adult flies.

STEM BORER : Batocera rufomaculata

Grubs feed by tunneling(making holes) the bark of branches and Main stem.

We can observe shedding of leaves and drying of upper shoots in early stages.
Damage to main stem causes death of the tree


Use insecticides like Emamectin Benzoate

Use Cartap hydrochloride


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