Weeds – Undesirable plants that are seen in the crop field (In between and around the crops) which interfear with the crop growth and decreases the yield by 30%.

The negative weed infestation on yield, quality of crop and quantity are due to high competitiveness, as well as their initial faster rate of growth.

In sugarcane we can observe different kinds of weeds like

  1. Narrow Leaved Weeds – Cyperusrotundus, Striga spp.
  • Broad Leaves Weeds – Partheniumhysterophorous, Amaranthusspinosus
  • , Convolvulus arvensis, Ipomea spp.

Weed Management

We can control these weeds by using different herbicides.

  • Pre emergent application of Metribuzin immediately after planting will inhibit the growth of both annual and some broad leaved weeds in sugarcane crop.
  • We can also use Atrazine of 2kg mixed in 600 lit of wateron 3rd day after planting using fan type nozzle fitted with knapsack sprayer. It controls broad leaved weeds in sugarcane crop.

We observe weeds after 20-30 DAP(weeds in 2-3 leaf stage) also. So we have to spray post emergent herbicides .

  • 2,4 D is one of the best post emergent herbicides that can be used mainly to control Strigaspp and other weeds  in sugarcane crop. So 1 kg of 2,4 D is mixed in 500 lit of water and sprayed on 21St day after planting.
  • Spraying of Halosufuronmethy 75% WG at 67.5 g  a.i/ha @ 45 DAS will control Cyperusrotundus weed in sugarcane crop. It acts as both pre and post emergent herbicide.
  • 2,4 D Amine salt 58% SL is a systemic post emergent herbicide that is used in sugarcane crop to control broad leaved weeds and C. rotundus. It is used @ 400-1000ml/acre 15-30  DAS when the weeds arein 2-3 leaf stage using fat fan nozzle for spraying.
  • Metribuzin acts as both pre and post emergent herbicide. So it can be used in sugarcane crop @ 25-30 days after planting when the weeds are in 2-3 leaf stage.
  • Diuron is one of the pre and post emergent herbicide that can be used to contol annual grasses and broad leaved weeds in crops. It is applied @ 500g/acre.

Combination of 2,4 D and metribuzin can be used for effective control of Cyperus rotundus and striga spp. in sugarcane crop.

Hand weeding is also practiced in sugarcane crop to control weeds. Hand hoeing along the ridges and furrows on 25th,55th,and 85th days after planting and line weeding along the crop by using spade on 30th, 60th and 90th days after planting is done which is a labour consuming and time consuming process.

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