Cotton spray guide and Cotton field management

Cotton is a crop which is grown in major parts of India , and its cost of farming is increasing day by day, for the same reason we the Krishibharat are providing here some easy and useful tips . Every farmer should follow to gain good yield.

In cotton farming we distribute its total farmlife in 4 steps 1- Sowing 2-pre-juvenile 3-post juvenile 4-harvesting

In sowing we have to keep in mind is Good seeds which is most important and useful thing always go for certified and original seeds which are prescribed by govt or recognised by govt .

DaysSyptoms of Disease or changes in plants Spray or fertigationRemarks or product links
After germination 10daysIf plants are healthy and in good 2-5 leaves stage , having good growth.19-19-19 @ 2gm/lts of waterZetol sure 19-19-19 N P K 1kg
10-15days we might see some growth in plants and some wrinkle in leaves in plants. In which wrinkle in cotton is caused by sucking pests , such as Aphids , jassids etc willoxam @ 0.6gms/lts
Doomer 20 @ 2.5ml/lts
seleoo 001 @ 0.5gm/lts
Willoxam – thiamethaxom 25% insecticide willowood 100gms

Doomer 20 – chlorpyriphos 20% EC – Termiticide / Insecticide

Damman seleoo 001 – 18Amino acids , macro elements and more than 40 micro elements.
15-25 days If there is rain and sucking pest infestaion is high & degarde in growth the spray Bio r 303 @ 1ml/lt
seleeoo 001 @ 0.5gm/lts
Acetamapride @ 100gm /a/
Damman Bio R 303 , damman 303 – liquid fertilizer (fruits and vegetables) bio 303

Damman seleoo 001 – 18Amino acids , macro elements and more than 40 micro elements.

Rallies Manik – Acetamiprid 20%sp TATA Manik

25-35you will see plants are of upto 45cms and observe flowering- we need lot of care from now cos we gonna see major pests such as thrips and whiteflieas at the same time. NPK fertilisers should be sprayed regularly for good growth.Regent + Acetamipride +
15-15-30 NPK
if growth is less and pests are high
shine + seaweed
Rallies Manik – Acetamiprid 20%sp TATA Manik
Zetol sure 15-15-30 1kg – N P K Fertiliser For better flowering

shifa – shine
Floratech Seaweed extract 1lt PNP – GROWTH PROMOTER
35-45Flowering and growth and reduce flowering dropDaman +
+ okeoo 10
Damman okeoo 10 – Daman okeoo 10 – lignins-90 %-fruit expansion .
35-50managing whiteflies and develpoment .Wilqueen @ 1gm/lts
Willowood – Wilqueen (Diafenthiuron 50% sp) Insecticide
Syngenta – Isabion – AMino acids and peptide mixtures 500ml
40 th dayfor flower and developmentBrand liq @ 0.5ml/lt of waterwillowood – Brand sl – Growth promoter
51 – 60managing jassids and manu sucking pests caused due to moisturewilloprid @ 60gm/acr Willowood Willoprid – Fipronil 40% + Imidacloprid 40% WG 100gm – Insecticide
55-65for getting ,ore flowers useing budbuilderBudbuilder @ 250gm/acrYaraVita BUD BUILDER 1kgs
60-70to manage pink ball worm its better to spray profenofos and emamecting prior to the infestation/pitru 2 @ 2.5ml/lt
Emamectin benoate @ 5gm/20lts
IPL prefer ( prefenophos 50% Ec) Insecticide
Damman Apollo-62 Emamectin Benzoate 5%SG

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