Its characerized by upward curling of leaf margins, yellowing of veins adn reduction of leaf size.Additionally leaf veins become swollen with shortening of internodes and petioles.
older leaves become leathery and brittle.
If plants are are infected during the early season, their growth will be stunted, resulting in significant yeild reduction.


NO known management is known, but we can have a control on spreading by having on the control of vectors.

spraying of chemicals

Adama takaf

Adama Takaf uses – inhibits mitochondrial ATP synthase leading to paralysis of the pest simultaneously effects the central and peripheral nervous system by interfering with sodium channel gating
Takaf can be used as a solution for effective control of whiteflies.

Adama takaf technical name– Diafenthiuron 47% + Bifenthrin 9.4% SC

Takaf price in India – 750rs/250ml

Takaf dosage – Chilli Thrips and Aphids 625 ml 250 ml.

Damman BIO-r-303

Daman Bio R 303 is a unique bio product , which directly act upon the Plant immunity , and helps plants to have a good growth. It acts on manjor pests.

Bio-r-303 price in India – 3000rs/lt

BIO r 303 Dose– 1-1.5ml/ltr

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