Chilli Blossom end rot disease & its management.

It is a physiological disorder caused in chilli plants due to Calcium deficiency.


We can observe brown watersoaked spots on the fruits.

This area enlarges and turns dark.

Spots will increase their size and the whole tissue shrinks and starts to rot

The skin of affected area becomes black n rotten

Finally the whole fruit and the yield will be lost.


Use of disease free seedlings for planting

Avoid stagnation of water and good drainage to be maintained.

Avoid using exessive amount of ammonia forms of nitrogen which reduces calcium uptake. Instead use nitrate form of nitrogen.

Seed treatment with Thiram or Captan 4g/kg is found to be effective.

Foliar application of Ca based fertilizers

Use CaNO3 @ 20ml/lit

Use Yaravita stopit @ 20ml/lit


Use Yaravita CaBtrac

Apply calcium chloride as a spray if the soils are deficient in Ca.

Yara vita CaBtrac

Yara vita Stopit

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